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Gaps appear in some of the comments made below because the British Advertising Standards Authority insists that no claims about the efficacy of homoeopathy, or that homoeopathic products can diagnose, treat or help health conditions, may be made without robust scientific evidence, usually of the placebo-controlled, double-blind random test on humans kind, replicated in many other similar tests.

Such tests are almost impossibly expensive for the single practitioner or even for professional associations of practitioners. Two hundred years of anecdotal evidence by people who claimed that orthodox medicine had failed them are not admissible. Furthermore, even comments by pleased patients detailing improvements they have noticed may not be included. Hence the gaps. Ring us if you want to know what the missing words say.

It is said that more people have been c.......... to homeopathy through the use of Arnica than from anything else! Arnica Montana, to give it its full name, is a plant found in the Alps. Traditionally it was used by guides, who chewed the plant as they walked and climbed, because of its reputation for reducing the effects of trauma, such as from falls.

Nowadays, we use Arnica for all sorts of disturbances in the Vital Force with symptoms of t...... When analysed from the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it acts to bring what are called ‘Qi and Blood’ back together.
In an accident, shock often leads to pallor, shortness of breath, anxiety, shakiness, increased pulse, and so on. In bad shock, you may fall in and out of consciousness. There may be bruising, sore muscles, twitching and prostration. Later, though tired, the victim cannot sleep. There may be involuntary bowel movements or urination.

But you can get this – or some of it - from other situations too: fright, anger, indignation, shock, overuse of some part of the body, overexertion, excessive sexual indulgence, even from being stressed or over-hurried. The symptoms also arise in some kinds of septic fevers, such as typhoid and after an operation, or where there are pustular swellings.

Bear in mind that homoeopathy treats disturbances in what is called the Vital Force. It does not treat diseases: the homoeopathic repertories such as those by Kent described symptoms which people experienced, allowing homoeopaths to grade what patients say in a way that leads to a choice of the most suitable remedy, no matter what the Western or orthodox medical definition of the disease may be. Indeed, the name of the disease is often a distraction from the essential task of finding the remedy that is homoeopathic to the patient.

In classes with people interested in learning more about homoeopathy, this important point is hard for them to understand, so used have we become to defining disease in terms of a Western orthodox medical diagnosis. Just to repeat: homoeopathic remedies interact with what is called the Vital Force. Every classical homoeopathic understands this but sometimes only after several years trying to get their heads round it! Patients who understandably want help, define their problem in terms of Western orthodox disease, and seek reassurance that homoeopathy can treat that disease successfully.

But homoeopathic teaching deals with the Vital Force and its disturbances. Only when symptoms, ie distrubances in the Vital Force, experienced by a patient match those described in the homoeopathic Materia Medica for a particular substance can the latter be said to be homoeopathic.

If you would like to know more about homoeopathy and its theory of disease, a theory developed mostly by qualified doctors over the last two hundred years, please contact us.

If you are always stressed by everything, in a continuous state of shock, or frequently get pustular swellings, or always feel as if you have over-exerted yourself, or your lifestyle is such that you put yourself in these situations, you need to stand back from your life and take a longer view.

Perhaps your occupation, unless you alter it, will cause you illness. Perhaps you need a different job or house or relationship. And perhaps seeing a homoeopath will help you towards a healthier, less stressed way of life.

Ring us if you need advice – Freephone 0800 298 7015 if you live in the UK.
(Visitors to this site from outside the UK: ring +44-131-629 3257.)

Should you decide to keep a supply of Arnica in your house, keep both the 6th and the 30th potencies - Arnica 6c and Arnica 30c.

Look at Storing Remedies to see how to keep and how to take homoeopathic remedies.


There are a number of good books, such as:

  • Homeopathy, Medicine for the New Man, George Vithoulkas, Thorsons.
  • Homeopathy, Natural Medicine for the Whole Person, Peter Adams, Element Practical Homeopathy.
  • A Complete Guide to Home Treatment, Beth McEoin, Bloomsbury.
  • The Complete Homeopathy Handbook, Miranda Castro, Macmillan.