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The Bowen Technique takes its name from Tom Bowen (1916-1982). Tomís parents emigrated to Australia from the UK before he was born. Interested in anatomy from very early in his life, Tom worked as a labourer and never officially qualified as a therapist: he just did it!

He was a member of the Salvation Army and coached children in sports, especially swimming. But apparently he could feel separate muscles, nerves and soft tissues and detect muscular vibrations in them. The sensation he felt showed him where to treat.

He developed a therapy unlike any other physical therapy: very economical in its movements, yet with startlingly good results.

Starting in the 1950ís his practice in Geelong grew rapidly to the point that when an Australian parliamentary committee did a survey in the 1970ís they were astounded to discover that he was treating 280 patients weekly, nearly 13000 patients annually - and most of them only came for three treatments! He reckoned that although he couldnít help everyone, 88% of his patients got better.

He never ran a training school to teach others what he did, but a number of individuals did observe him at work and study with him, and what we do now we owe to them. A number of schools have developed from what those individuals taught, but the underlying Bowen movements are basically the same for them all.

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott holds a Certificate from the European College of Bowen Studies (Cert E.C.B.S).