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What is it like the first time?

If this is your first time for treatment with Chinese medicine, whether herbs, acupuncture or some other mode, we know you may be a little apprehensive! The ideas used in Chinese medicine are very different from the Western medicine you are used to, and the way disease is treated is quite different too.

After completing a registration form (see separate entry on site) which gives us your name, address and so on, we ask you to tell us all about your reasons for coming, the nature of the pain or problems you have, its background and the background of your health.

As you talk we are deciding what sort of energy you have, because if we can gauge this we can work out how to treat you more effectively. We then differentiate your problem into the syndromes of Chinese medicine (see elsewhere on this website for more details of these). From there we can decide on treatment.

Usually we would explain this thinking to you and give you some idea of the likely prognosis, and of how many treatments you will probably need before you can expect some improvement.

We need to know what other treatments you have had or are having, and we do need to know what medication(s), health enhancing substances, vitamins, minerals, protein drinks or other supplements you are taking in addition to food.

Although we do not insist, we prefer it if your own doctor knows that you are receiving treatment from us.

Life being what it is, people often visit us when they have tried many other treatments, and whilst they have been looking for a cure, their health has diminished and their disease has become more chronic. Whereas one treatment might have 'cured' the problem some years before, it now requires a series of treatments. Some people need only a few treatments, others need ten, twenty or more.

Once better, many people return for 'top-up' session from time to time.

If you receive acupuncture, you may find that you feel pleasantly relaxed, or a little tired after the first treatment. If this happens, we suggest you try to take a rest.

On the day of your treatment, we suggest you take no coffee, strong stimulants, or alcohol. Immediately before or after treatment do not eat a large meal and do not take any very vigorous exercise.

If you are taking prescribed or self-prescribed drugs, do not stop taking them! Please discuss them with us before you make changes.

Physical Examination
At the first consultation we may also want to do a physical examination to help us decide what needs to be done. For example, we may need to palpate your back or abdomen, or to look at and assess the quality of painful or other areas. We may need to take your blood pressure, and we shall almost certainly wish to take your 'pulse' the Chinese way, and to look at your tongue. Do not be surprised!

Concerning acupuncture treatment: whilst we sometimes need to insert needles only in your ears, most acupuncture treatment uses points on your back or front or legs or arms, and we may ask you to take off some clothes so that we can do this. We have a comfortable couch in a warm room and many people go to sleep during the treatment!

Follow-up treatments and Frequency
Sometimes we need to see you several times a week. More often, treatment with acupuncture occurs weekly, spacing it out with greater intervals as you get better. With herbs, you will probably be seen every two weeks to start with. For those who are seeking acupuncture to assist in drug withdrawal, more frequent treatment may be necessary.

After the first consultation/treatment, the usual rate per acupuncture session is 50, but the first consultation takes longer and is charged on the time taken at 50 per half hour. To give a rough guide, the first session is often between 100 and 150.

We can accept payment by CASH or CHEQUE.

How long are acupuncture sessions?
We usually allow up to one hour for an acupuncture treatment, although the actual treatment itself often takes no more than 30 minutes. However, by the time you have got ready on the bed, we have talked about your progress, taken your pulse, looked at your tongue and done the acupuncture treatment, at least 30 minutes have elapsed, and often getting on for one hour. So, if you are wondering how long to park your car for, allow at least one hour.

We hope you will find your treatment beneficial and enjoyable, but if you are unhappy about it, the procedure is first to tell us about it. If you are not satisfied with what we do or say to put things right, then you should contact the British Acupuncture Council: www.acupuncture.org.uk